Best Super Bowl Halftime Show Ever

Prince is 48. That’s fun to think about while you watch YouTubes of the Purple One performing in the rain over and over and over today. Screw his physical ailments, Prince was four times as hip as any Super Bowl halftime show we can remember. From “Let’s Go Crazy” to “Proud Mary” to “Baby I’m A Star,” bluesy bits of “All Along The Watchtower” into a Foo Fighters(?!) cover (“Best Of You”) that was probably a highlight of Dave Grohl’s life — with chops the rain couldn’t stop, wearing a do-rag turban thing, with twin dancers, a marching band, and a perfect “Purple Rain” with Prince looking like he was playing in a massive condom. Best. (And kudos for avoiding the expected-yet-unnecessary Super Bowl cameos from Tina Turner, John Fogerty, or Dave Grohl, etc.)

Part 2 with (“Purple Rain” … in the rain!) right here. And we’ve got nothing but love for Billy Joel … but did you guys hear that auto-tuner he was singing through?! Yikes. And how about CBS Sports using the intro to “Stuck Between Stations” during a pregame, prerecorded Peyton Manning interview? They probably chose it based on song title alone, but still.