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Band To Watch: My Latest Novel

When we tell you that My Latest Novel is from Glasgow, you have permission to start thinking Arab Strap, Delgados, and Belle & Sebastian. They’re all fair reference points for the open-hearted, string-laden sweep of the band’s debut full-length Wolves, weaving nostalgic, rainy-day poetry with breezy, fragile charm-pop. It’s a top-to-bottom album, beginning with the dramatic surges of “Ghost In The Gutter” and “Pretty In A Panic,” but here are two of our favorites:

My Latest Novel – “Sister Sneaker Sister Soul” (MP3)
My Latest Novel – “The Reputation Of Ross Francis” (MP3)

Check the vid for “Sister Sneaker Sister Soul,” where the gang takes a long stroll like a bunch of indie-pop BFFs.

And you can watch the video for “The Reputation Of Ross Francis” here.

Wolves is out on The Worker’s Institute.