Strange Grave, Here He Comes

Maladjusted to the vagaries of life, Morrissey has given deep thought to the cemetery gates that house his ultimate resting spot. Via Metro:

The 48-year-old star wants a spot at the celebrity cemetery Hollywood Forever, near his home in Los Angeles, the Daily Express reports.

And not just that, but the former Smiths frontman also wants to be laid to rest near his music idol Johnny Ramone.

“I like that cemetery. I stumbled across Johnny Ramone’s stone and thought it was very nicely placed,” he is quoted as saying.

“I sat there for a long time and I felt quite good about it. It was nice his bones were under the soil I was sitting on. So yeah, that’s my spot.”

Although, at less than 50, death is hardly at his elbow … would you expect anything less from Morrissey? A Hollywood grave next to Johnny Ramone. That’s so punk, Moz. We love it. Do pretty girls make graves out in LA? Probably, they’re all pretty out there. And of course this charming man had a parting thought on mortality:

Death is a serious thing, certainly not to be sneezed at.

Never has no one ever been more quotable.

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