It’s OK To Like… Unnecessary Solos

Every week, we let down our guard, crawl out of our indie rock bunker, and embrace our guilty pleasures. And man, do we have a lot of ‘em. Will you join us in defending the indefensible?

Unnecessary solos: Five reasons to leave no riff behind:

1. Duran Duran – ?Rio?
Nothing says “Suck it, Spandeau Ballet” like a nasty sax meltdown. Forty-two seconds of bliss, starting at the 3:02 mark. It was only 1982, but as far as we we’re concerned the decade ended the second the last notes fell on this masterpiece. They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

2. Every single Blues Traveler song
The problem with letting a guy with a harmonica into the band is that you have to let him jam out on the harmonica from time to time. Or, in this case, every single time.

3. The The – “Uncertain Smile”
Anybody who tried to listen to the single version of this song after hearing the album cut was invariably disappointed by the missing piano freakout. Three whole minutes they cut! Was it fantastic? Yes. Was it necessary? Not entirely. But we couldn’t mope properly without it.

4. Guns N’ Roses – ?November Rain?
Without Slash’s yeoman axe-work (and Axl’s bloated ego) this brilliant opus never could have approached the nine-minute mark ?- and what fun would that have been? Slash actually rips off three monster solos in the last five minutes (3:58-4:46, 5:07-5:37, and 7:10-8:53 if you’re scoring at home), although Axl poops all over the last one.

5. Ron Burgundy plays the “yazz flute”
Hey, Aqualung!

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