Reports Of A Thriller for Idol

American Idol fans will be shown no Love this season, but this totally unsubstantiated report promises to bring even more crazy to the judges’ table. has started a media-speculation frenzy with its report that “Several signs seem to be pointing to the possibility that Michael Jackson will be the focus of an upcoming American Idol theme week and might possible even appear to mentor the American Idol finalists.” Four reasons to believe it’s true:

1. All season long, Idol producers have hinted “about a big event show in the middle of the season that will blow America away.”

2. In addition to running up cell phone bills chatting with, Jacko’s supposedly been having phone conversations with Simon Fuller about a career revival. Reports were centered on MJ taking Fuller’s help for his Las Vegas show, but with 650 billion Americans tuning into Idol each episode, this would be a perfect venue for him to moonwalk his way back into your heart. Well not yours, ’cause you don’t watch Idol.

3. Producer Nigel Lythgoe may have offered a hint during a recent media conference call when he said that contestants were prohibited from blogging (the horror!) because “We don?t want anything slipping out. If we?ve got major stars coming on that we want to do a big publicity thing with. ?Hey, Michael Jackson is coming to American Idol this week,? then I?ve got to leave that up to Fox publicity to put out there, not have it slip out with somebody telling their Mom that Michael Jackson is coming.?

4. And perhaps most importantly: Kids love Idol, MJ loves kids.

We’ll keep ya posted.