Wavves @ Madame Wong’s, Los Angeles 8/4/10

Madame Wong’s, the legendary restaurant-turned-punk-rock/new wave club, closed in 1985. But some kids reopened it for semi-private shows last year, and hosted bands like Vampire Weekend and Harlem in their restaurant-turned-loft. Wavves, with openers Woah Hunx, are some of the last bands to pass through the venue, since the occupants must leave to make way for the apartment’s new owners. Photographer Graeme Flegenheimer, who caught the show for us, says the view of downtown L.A. from the loft is pretty great. The view inside? Not so great. The lights went out during Wavves, making it a little tricky to document, though he still got great shots of Wavves, Woah Hunx, and that view.

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