Jared Leto Almost Waffles His Way Into Our Hearts

Just a few months ago, Jared Leto made lots of internet friends with a raging polemic against the blogosphere, But after a depressing night Googling himself (we assume), Catalano changed his tune on us pesky Movable Typers (via Spinner):

I was being flippant about something and I think it got taken slightly out of context. I was expressing my dislike and discomfort for the tabloid culture out there that kind of subsists on lies and negativity. I certainly am a huge fan of blogs, message boards, anything that causes or creates connectivity between people and from person to person.

Poor Jared, always misunderstood. Shame on us for taking “blogging should die a sudden death” out of context. But contrition is becoming, and we nearly thought Jared had turned a new leaf, until we read what he had to say about music critics the very same day (via Contact):

Sometimes you want to take a baseball bat to someone’s face. Or maybe their kneecaps – that would probably be more fun. There are some people who might look better if you smacked them in the head with a baseball bat.

Ahh, there’s the batshit insanity we know and love. Good thing we’re bloggers and not critics!

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