Peel Your MP3 Blogs

Mac-using MP3 blog readers of the world rejoice, for this new (and free, for now) application shall make your music consuming lives a breeze. For the past few weeks, we’ve been receiving a steady flow of reader emails about Peel, a program which automatically searches your bookmarked blogs for MP3s and presents them with iTunes-like ease, design, and functionality. Thanks to Anthony’s insistence we downloaded this morning, and highly recommend you do the same.

Peel searches your blog and creates a playlist of its posted MP3s. It’s elegant and efficient, allowing you to avoid spending time downloading and deleting by creating quick song streams, easy as pressing play in iTunes. If you like a song, downloading is a click away (and for the anal types like us, it even creates separate folders for each blog to keep your downloads nice and tidy). Set preferences for it to refresh from your blogs as often as you like. And if you’re into that whole reading thing, you can see the relevant post in full via Peel, too. Click the “Web” tab over the playlist panel.

The program is in beta and free to the public for now, so grab it while you can. Soon it’ll be $15; still worth it, but we know how you like free shit.

For those of you that are already hip to the Peel appeal: Do you know if it’s like Hype in that it doesn’t steal bandwith? We couldn’t find an FAQ, so if you have background or useful info, please help. But for now, we love.