U2, Springsteen Play Inaugural Celebration At Lincoln Memorial

Barack Obama was the eighth most frequently tagged “artist” on Stereogum in the past twelve months. That makes him even more popular than Animal Collective around here, and deservedly so: Animal Collective may have just released their finest album, but they are not ready to lead our country. Yet. In any case, you are no doubt gearing up for an exciting week of nonstop inauguration coverage and celebratory concerts. The partying started in DC last night on the eve of Martin Luther King Day, with legendary musicians and Jamie Foxx paying tribute to the President-Elect at the Lincoln Memorial, where the civil rights leader gave his “I Have a Dream” speech 46 years ago. Among the “We Are One” event performances: Bruce Springsteen and Pete Seeger singing “This Land is Your Land,” U2’s MLK-inspired “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” followed by Obama campaign song “City Of Blinding Lights,” and Sasha Fierce’s take on “America The Beautiful.” The air was freezing, and James Taylor had to strum with one eye, but it was a magical night. We’ve got a bunch of photos, and you can browse them in our fancy new gallery. Change!