The Cribs – “Housewife” Video

The Cribs were in Grant Park this weekend, though I saw the band at a tune-up show the night before at the Cubby Lounge, at the foot of Wrigley Park in Chicago’s Wrigleyville. They took over the room after Warpaint left it breathless; and for all the times we’ve called Warpaint’s videos Lynchian, ironically it was the Cribs that took the stage to the Twin Peaks theme song, which they followed with blasts of scrappy pop, punked up exuberance, and a dash of the ever debonair Johnny Marr. In that combination, they reclaimed the crowd, though it’s Warpaint that was the night’s surprise. (These new songs, one about an “undertow” in particular, from their upcoming Rough Trade LP, you are going to hear a lot about.) “Housewife” is a loose and splashy one-off Cribs track that comes as something of a gap-stopper, recorded at Orange Juice icon Edwyn Collins’s studio. Screw vampires, by the Jarmans’ measure “the world is a mobile phone,” and as a result each member takes a few moments in this video to be a zombie.

(via NME)