Celebrity Hot Sauce

That Michael Anthony is coming out of this whole Van Halen thing looking shrewder by the second. First, the Van Halen reunion that he wasn’t invited to appears to have torn its spandex before it even got jumping, and now the original VH bassist has a brand new hot sauce for his line of Mad Anthony sauces! Talk about having the last laugh. It’s called Mad Anthony’s XXXTra Hot Private Reserve (the three Xs mean it’s gonna be HOTT). He writes:

Mad Anthony’s XXXTra Hot Private Reserve is in the final stages of preparation and is just what you need to turn your favorite meal into a five-alarm inferno.

So ice up those ass-cheeks and get ready to sizzle, because Mad Anthony’s XXXTra Hot Private Reserve is on it’s way! Don’t forget to have the Fire Dept. on speed dial!

Here’s Michael, the morning after having a taste of his own medicine.


And this is far from the only foray into rocker sauces. The Offspring’s Dexter Holland is the proud purveyor of Gringo Bandito while Joe Perry’s Rock Your World also purports to be high in its capsaicin count. But none direct you to prepare your sphincter with pain-inhibiting props, so if you like it nice and rough, go XXXTra Hot Private Reserve. We’ll stick with Tabasco, thanks.