Who Should Headline Coachella 2011?

Here we are just barely on the flip side of Lollapalooza, mercifully restored to couches after a festival season that saw me at most every stop, petting my dogs, eating Forninos pizza, yet unable to resist Scott’s back-office conversation bait: “So, who do you think will headline Coachella 2011?” That’s the lineup to date up there. The dates are set. No rest for the intrepid. Fine, let’s play.

2010’s Indio week will be tough to beat: perfect weather, Pavement, Thom Yorke, Gorillaz, Jay-Z, Die Antwoord’s triumphant live coming-out party. Often, though, there’s a formula: Some indie-culture zeitgeist nailer, some high profile reunion (think Rage, or on less-than-headliner status, Pavement and My Bloody Valentine), and it wouldn’t hurt to have a boomercentric nostalgia trip to lock in some advance sales in light of having nixed single-day tix. (Sir Paul and Roger Waters are Coachellampions in that regard.)

If the festival was this week, some answers would be obvious. Since that lineup’s still five months from certain, it’s prediction/conjecture, but prediction/conjecture that can be broken down thusly: Zeitgeist, Reunion, Boomer, OutKast (it’d be great if they got OutKast). If you wanna do Goldenvoice’s job for them in the comments, and be right about it, we’ll cite you when the time’s right.

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