Belle & Sebastian Write About Love Cover

They’ll be at the Matador bash in Vegas this October, and they’ve got a new album on the horizon which, per band website post, has the name Belle & Sebastian Write About Love + the cover you see above … and that’s what we’ve got for now. No release date (yet). Oh, one more thing — if you take pictures/footage of yourself scrawling the LP title somewhere in your hometown, or wherever you find yourself, and send it to Stuart, he’ll consider you for a “trophy of some sort.” Neat! Also, sorta weird, but certainly very superfan-friendly. This is what we write about when we write about loving Belle & Sebastian Write About Love. Here’s the Flickr pool for your submissions. (via 130BPM)

And before you go rogue with photos, hear some new B&S here – “I Didn’t See It Coming.”