CSS Covers L7

’90s alt rock through the prism of Brazilian electroclash mayhem may sounds promising enough, and it’s a surprisingly tidy fit for Lovefoxxx and the Cansei De Ser Sexy kids, who did a session at the BBC and offered up a reverent cover of “Pretend We’re Dead.” Gorilla’s got the goods, including an original from the party starters: another “artist”-referencing tune ala(la) “Meeting Paris Hilton,” “I Wanna Be Your J. Lo.” You know what to expect — CSS wants you sweaty on the dancefloor. Who’s got the Cachaca? Thanks for the proposition, Lovefoxxx, but we’d sooner take up Sleater-Kinney’s Ramone request. At least Joey would never do American Idol.

[Pic from CSS’s show at Flavorpill part @ CMJ ’06]

Tags: CSS, L7