Jorge Garcia Talks Weezer Cover

When we posted Weezer’s “Memories” and the cover art to their upcoming album Hurley, we guessed that the cover — a candid shot Rivers Cuomo and Jorge Garcia took together backstage at the George Lopez Show — was a joke, or a placeholder until the real cover art came out. Turns out that cover isn’t a joke, though it kind of still is a joke, but it’s definitely the real artwork. In an interview with MTV, Garcia (who played Hurley on Lost) also finds the art a little surprising:

I didn’t hear until a couple months later that they wanted to put me on the cover … I didn’t realize it was just going to be that same picture we took together, cropped down to my face. When I look at the picture, I notice that there’s something going on with my hair, like it’s starting to come loose or something. But I’m happy with it.

If Hurley is happy with it, maybe you should be too? I think they could have gone with a tighter crop on that photo:
Weezer Hurley Photo

The article also mentioned that Garcia’s favorite include Bon Iver, M. Ward, and the New Pornographers, and that he considers himself a “casual” fan of Weezer. Think he’ll like the new record?

Hurley is out 9/14 via Epitaph.

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