New Stooges – “Free And Freaky”

The Stooges: Version ’07’s distinction from its earlier incarnation is best illustrated with this line from the band’s profile in this weekend’s NY Times:

While recording, Iggy swam laps in the hotel pool every day before going to work at noon. During the recording of ?Fun House? in 1970, by comparison, he dropped acid before each day?s session.

LSD-lessness aside, The Stooges heart and spirit is much the same. In fact, you could probably paraphrase their band motto (if they had one) as “Keep it stupid, stupid.” From the NYT article’s discussion of Minuteman Mike Watt’s joining the band for this record:

Before they all headed into the studio, Mr. Watt flew to Florida to go over the new songs, and Iggy gave him a lesson about finding his ?inner stupidity.?

… Mr. Watt has a strong melodic style on the bass, but Iggy leaned on him to play with a pick instead of his fingers, and to stay with the backbone of the song, even if it meant sounding as dumb, he explained, as the guy singing the bass notes in a doo-wop group. ?Play the content,? Iggy urged. ?As soon as one of us isn?t playing that, we don?t have a song.?

So we have here the first listen of “Free And Freaky,” from the forthcoming The Weirdness. Think it attains inner stupidity? Remember, that’s a compliment.

The Stooges – “Free And Freaky” (Real | ASX)

And in case you missed it, first single “My Idea Of Fun” is still streaming on StoogesSpace.

The Weirdness is out 3/6 on Virgin.