Only LOST Could Get Us To Care About Three Dog Night

Before you go any further: Yes this is a post about LOST, so if you haven’t seen the last episode — and if you’ve never seen a one, for that matter — avert your eyes, maybe scroll down and bitch about/defend Yoko.

Anyway, we will always post about LOST whenever there’s a musical excuse to do so. And this week’s ep did provide one, during the “reviving Roger Workman’s VW” scene, which we liked better the first time we saw it in Little Miss Sunshine. Chasing down patchouli busses aside, an astute commenter to Pop Candy’s weekly LOST recap-and-discussion post had some insight on the writers’ choice of song for the scene:

I love the Three Dog Night song that was playing during the VW ride, but I couldn’t remember the name. So, I researched it on the Internet, and it’s called Shambala. I then read the lyrics, and it was a perfect song for Hurley and his struggles.

Then, I realized I had no idea what or where Shambala is. So I did a little more research, and according to (and pay special attention to the capitalized word)…

Internally, Shambhala is the DHARMA chakra, located in the heart of all beings. It is the symbol for mind, completing the trinity of body, speech, and mind.

Holy crap!!! This website mentioned Dharma!!!! Plus, with the lyrics and how this relates to Hurley, is this a coincidence? I don’t think so. These writers are GENIUS!!!!!!!

The ep also had a fleeting and totally tangential Ladytron reference. Remember when Hurley dismisses the two members of his wait staff? And he says, “Mr. Tron? Lady Tron?” Eh? These writers are GENIUS!!!!!!! Well it was nice to see the character bonding, but did anybody see anything to justify those “don’t miss this ep or you won’t know what everybody will be talking about the next morning” ads? Maybe they meant Sawyer’s “hooked on phonics” quip to Jin. That was funny.

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