TONY’s 50 Greatest New York Musicians Of All Time

Loaded with so many greats from New York’s legendary jazz, hip-hop, and rock scenes, it’s tough to call this list “shit,” even if we’d shake things up a bit. Time Out New York’s cover story this week is The 50 Greatest New York Musicians Of All Time, and it’ll probably make you appreciate this fair city of ours more than incense your list-parsing sensibilities. Or maybe it’ll enrage you that Miles Davis is at #4, who knows. Only one “rock” act in the Top 10. We’ll letcha guess which one.

50. Paul Simon
49. Laura Nyro
48. William Parker
47. A Tribe Called Quest
46. Lydia Lunch
45. Bobby Short
44. Fats Weller
43. Fania All-Stars
42. Albert Ayler
41. Bette Midler
40. Arto Lindsay
39. The Notorious B.I.G.
38. John Zorn
37. Eddie Palmieri
36. Television
35. Cecil Taylor
34. Nas
33. August Darnell
32. Charles Mingus
31. The New York Dolls
30. Wu-Tang Clan
29. Héctor Lavoe
28. KISS
27. Jay-Z
26. Sonny Rollins

25. Sarah Vaughan
24. Patti Smith
23. Beastie Boys
22. Ethel Merman
21. Madonna
20. Afrika Bambaataa
19. Talking Heads
18. Dizzy Gillespie
17. Sonic Youth
16. Thelonios Monk
15. Grandmaster Flash
14. Blondie
13. Ornette Coleman
12. Barbara Streisand
11. The Ramones
10. Ella Fitzgerald
09. Al Jolson
08. Run-D.M.C.
07. Tito Puente
06. Billie Holiday
05. Public Enemy
04. Miles Davis
03. Chic
02. Duke Ellington
01. The Velvet Underground

The TONY kids clearly think “time elapsed” is a factor in determining greatness, so hey maybe Morningwood will make this list one day. And then we’ll be able to call it shit! Everybody wins.

UPDATE: OK, you convinced us this list is shit. You know how we feel about Billy Joel (xoxo).