David Cross Reviews The Hits

Reading stuff like this makes me wish David Cross had a blog…

From the new Rolling Stone:

Franz Ferdinand, “Take Me Out”
David Cross: These guys have a fair bit of hype behind them. I like this – it moves around a little bit. It’s got something to it. Just the way they’re kind of jumping around, it makes me wonder what else they’ve got in store for me, the avid and rapt listener.

Mandy Moore, “Senses Working Overtime”
David Cross: This hurts my feelings. I guess I should be fair and listen to all of this. If it turns people on to the original albums, I guess that’s a good thing. There’s not much soul in this, though. The only other thing I can say is that if I was a top-ten-ranked tennis player I would probably want to fuck her.

The Von Bondies, “C’mon C’mon”
David Cross: I’ve seen these guys a bunch and I like them, though I recently saw them in Los Angeles, and they played a twenty-five-minute set, which is retarded. And the guy can take a punch. Not well, but he can take a punch.