Andy Partridge Returns

For you XTC fans (I know I’m not the only one), here’s Andy Partridge’s new song:

Andy Partridge – “I Wonder Why The Water Falls”

It’s the theme to the new FOX show Wonderfalls, which has been cancelled after only a few episodes.

If you don’t know XTC, don’t judge by this song (it’s not Andy’s best work). You can’t go wrong with this greatest hits, though. Or dig here for info about their other albums.

XTC hasn’t toured since Mr. Partridge suffered a serious bout of stage fright in 1982, but since then the band has released a dozen solid albums under various pseudonyms. Even the recent stuff is worth a listen. Some of my favorite XTC songs are on Nonesuch and Apple Venus Vol. 1.

If you’re looking for older stuff, hit this great site for tons of live MP3s, including some cool acoustic versions of “Mayor Of Simpleton” and “Senses Working Overtime” (Mandy Moore’s favorite).