Cee-Lo – “Fuck You”

Here’s a “lyric video” for Cee-Lo’s solo single “Fuck You,” and a lyric video is fair and not indulgent when your track’s main phrase hinges on some of George Carlin’s favorite four letters. It’s called “Fuck You” because he says it a lot. It’s a sunshining piano soul kiss-off just a shade off from Cee-Lo’s Danger Mouse jaunts, and sees him playing a character that is most definitely not based on his life: can’t afford his lady Ferraris, comparing his replacement to an Xbox while he’s just an Atari. Cee may not be low-rent in the flesh but he’s inhabiting the space well with that voice, which, as always, slays. From the forthcoming The Ladykiller LP. According to his YouTube page, there will be a proper video for it soon — until then, here’s the music and lyrics: