Premature Evaluation

Premature Evaluation: Feist – The Reminder

Whenever a hotly-anticipated record leaks, you guys are great about emailing us to let us know about it and give us your thoughts. Of course all of us need more than a listen and a day to form solid opinions, but who can wait the three months from leak to release to talk about it? And when we’re not listening to music, we’re thinking of clever column titles … so, this is Premature Evaluation. Has a better ring to it than Pre-Release Watercooler right? But it’s still the same idea: We’ll show you our first impressions if you’ll show us yours.

The leak that’s been flooding our inbox most is Feist’s third solo full-length The Reminder, and she’s heart wide-open right from the start. Leslie’s laments for her selfish ways colors the cozy jazz of album opener “So Sorry,” and she follows that by realizing that “I will be the one to break my heart,” on the superb, countrified shuffle of “I Feel It All.” The sexy lockstep pulse of “My Moon My Man” is track 3, and already we’re in love.

Standouts from there? We’re gonna go with “all of ‘em.” There’s more rootsy rollicking (“Past In Present”), a sweet handclaps-and-vocals breakdown (“Sea Lion Woman”), and plenty of sparsely arranged showcases for Feist’s versatile vox (“Honey Honey,” “The Water,” “Intuition”). Well worth repeated listens, your bandwith, and your dollars.

The Reminder is out 5/1 on Cherry Tree.

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