Sufjan Stevens On “Friend Rock”

Our patron saint of chamber pop seems to be getting his Klosterman on in this essay posted at Asthmatic Kitty:

There are a lot more terms flying around today: New Rock, Ironic Rock, Situational Rock, Crotch Rock (don?t ask). But have you heard about Friend Rock? It?s very simple: you are going to a show not so much as a fan of the music, but as a fan of your friend, the musician, on stage. There are various incarnations, of course: you may know the singer, the drummer, or the bass player; you may have dated the keyboardist years ago; you went to high school with the trumpet player; one of them is your housemate, your office mate, your soul mate; or it may be ?friendly-professional.? Perhaps you?re booked by the same agent, share the same lawyer, the same label, the same shoe sponsorship; there are various scenarios: your cubicle mate at work starts a band; you want to support her; your dentist is a celebrated tuba player; he gives you free tickets to his show; your brother divorces his wife, leaves the kids, starts a band, is coming through town, playing at Maxwell?s, can you make it to the show?

Friend Rock stirs up all kinds of moral conundrums. Do you go out and show your support or stay home and watch The Simpsons? Even worse is Friend of Friend Rock. A close relative is Colleague Rock. Family Rock is usually the worst (unless you are Danielson). For the sake of argument, I lump them all together…

Go here for more of Soof’s thesis, and a 14 question “You know you’re in the midst of Friend Rock if…” primer. We’re guessing every single one of you can relate.