Forbes’s Music Tastemakers 2007

Perennially obsessed with the machinations of influence, Forbes has set its sights on who holds sway over the music industry’s tastes and direction. The mag describes its criteria:

This is not meant to be a belated ‘best of’ list for 2006, but rather a roll-call of recording artists who’ve had an uncommon artistic or commercial impact on the market … To compile our list, we took into consideration U.S. music sales as measured by Nielsen SoundScan, press mentions going back to the beginning of 2006 as referenced in Factiva and feedback from knowledgeable figures in the industry. We also identified some artists whose modest sales belied the significant impact they had on the music scene, especially on their peers in the business.

For most tastemaking artists in The Year Of You, Forbes nominates:

The Roots
Gnarls Barkley
My Chemical Romance
TV On The Radio
Dixie Chicks
Rascal Flats
Joanna Newsom
Solomon Burke
Justin Timberlake

Pop’s tastemakers, huh. Don’t they read the Voice?