The Phil Spector Follicle Spectacle

Legendary producer Phil Spector, who received three claps and a roomful of uncomfortable murmurs when mentioned during the Ronettes’ Rock Hall induction, has had his murder trial shift into the jury selection phase. While the alleged facts of the case seem damning — Phil’s accused of killing Lana Clarkson, an actress he met at a Sunset Strip rock club (she was found shot dead in his castle foyer the next morning) — nothing screamed “unhinged dude totally capable of murder” more than his Bride Of Frankenstein hairdo. On advice of counsel (though counsel denies it), Phil turned up yesterday at the court house sporting a new look. Compare and contrast. (via NY Post)


Hey, he’s got a new wife, too! Nothing says innocence like young brides and mop tops. You’re on the jury, you’ve never seen the guy before: more likely to let him off? If the hair looks less like shit, you must acquit? Cochran would be proud.

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