New Arctic Monkeys – “Crying Lightning” (Live @ Big Day Out)

For all the silly hype Alex Turner picked up back in the Who The Fuck Are… days, the Arctic front man has patiently grown into every bit of it, whether we’re talking Favourite Worst Nightmare or the Last Shadow Puppets or chatting up actresses on talk-show couches. (OK not at all the last one but I love it so.) Anyway when word came that the Monkeys were in the studio with Josh Homme working on their Favourite followup, I figured there’d be an injection of Vulgaris muscle maybe. Not only does this Aussie TV telecast of the band’s Big Day Out take on new tune “Crying Lightning” suggest that I figured wrong, but it also suggests that their guitarist’s been listening to lots of Portishead’s Adrian Utley lately.

(via NME)

Interesting shift, I like the sound of this Arctic darkness. Looking forward to this album. “Crying LIghtning” is one of four songs the band’s been playing lately — the others being “Dangerous Animals,” “Pretty Visitors,” and “Go-Kart” — all ostensibly from the Homme sessions. They’re back in the studio working on it. We’ll keep you posted.