Built To Spill – “Hindsight” Video

Built To Spill’s been around for a long (long) time. If you’d told me in the early ’90s — when my brother had Ultimate Alternative Wavers and There’s Nothing Wrong With Love on repeat — or in 1997 when there was that hysterical collective breath-holding after the band signed to a major label that they’d still be making music in essentially the same vein almost 20 years later, I would’ve never guessed they’d basically outlast most of the associated indie-rock scene of that era. (Ditto Modest Mouse.) Doug Martsch & Co. know this and have fun with the idea of aging in the nostalgic Bob Odenkirk-directed video for “Hindsight,” the mellow second track from their seventh album, There Is No Enemy.

(Via P4K)

There Is No Enemy is out via Warner Bros. And don’t forget The Electronic Anthology Project EP, also brought to you by the Memorator.