Chris Martin Sings, iTunes Ping At Apple Music Event

Today Apple introduced iTunes 10 featuring Ping, a sort of social network based around your iTunes plays. According to Gizmodo:

Ping is feed-based, like Twitter or Facebook or whatever. You can post videos, photos, comments, opinions or songs—and comment on all of those things—a lot like you can on Facebook. Posted songs are one-click buyable. If you’re looking at an artist, it shows their upcoming concerts. On your landing page, it shows concerts going on near you.

Neat-o. I’ll probably stick with, since it works on XBox Live. Also news: the iPod touch got a huge upgrade, and the iPod classic looks like it’s on the way out, since it received no attention. The iPod Nano also got upgrade to a smaller size and a touch screen, but it will no longer play or record video. And Apple TV has a smaller, cheaper model that will include Netflix streaming. Overall, lots of news from Apple, plus a performance from Chris Martin, whose daughter is sponsored by Apple. Martin did a new song titled “Wedding Bells,” and he played it solo on the piano: