Oberhofer On A Big Ugly Yellow Couch

Sad news: Oberhofer will be Big Ugly Yellow Couch’s last session for a while. Their place in Brooklyn, where each session was shot, burned down this summer. They’re in a new apartment, and they were able to save both the couch and their digital archive of previous couch sessions. But it’ll probably take a little time before they’re up and running again. I look forward to seeing a singed, ashy couch behind whatever band films next.

Anyway, we brought you Oberhofer’s “Don’tneedya” a couple weeks back. This session’s a different sound for the band (no echo, no atmosphere-creating samples), but it’s still a good one. The band played tracks from their “o0O0o0O0o” and “Away Frm U” 7-inches (“Away Frm U” keeps the whistle solo), as well as a cover of Beach Boys’s “Be True To Your School.” Watch:

(via Big Ugly Yellow Couch)

The o0O0o0O0o 7? is self-released, and is out now.

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