Calexico Cover Arcade Fire

Certainly no secret that Calexico would make one helluva cover band; they’d still sound like Calexico, but they’d bring it with a playlist of your favorite jams, young and old. Actually, we don’t know just how deep that playlist would run, but at least Joy Division would be on there (yes, obligatory “Love Will Tear Us Apart” cover — but it’s good!). And since, they’ve added “Ocean Of Noise” to their canon, by the soon-to-be (cover) standard bearer, Arcade Fire.

Get used to seeing more bands interpret Funeral and Neon Bible, though few will have the insight that does Calexico, given that Martin Wenk and Jacob Valenzuela joined the Fire, with their trumpets, in the studio for the original “Oceans” take. And Joey Burns sounds pretty great doing his Win thing on the band’s live cover. Grab it at Merge blog.