April’s Fööls

From björk.com (yes, we’re going to do the stupid umlaut joke indefinitely):

Unfortunate change of plans

We have just received notification of the serious kind which we reluctantly pass on. Over the past few weeks a person who calls himself Gerome Voltaire has been passing on material and images on his MySpace page as his own. Upon further investigation it was proven that this material was stolen from Björk.

Due to the serious implication of this matter, efforts are made to get that page and user removed, and Björk has decided to alter her new record’s sound and abandon the title Volta. This is truly upsetting for all parties concerned, all efforts are now made to meet the release date with new songs and artwork.

We here at have though the pleasure of announcing the new title, please go to our new special find out!


Stereogum didn’t do anything for April Fools this year — aside from the Cassadaga pan, which you totally fell for* — but if you guys saw any good blog pranks, post ‘em in the comments.

*Just kidding, we don’t like it.

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