The Hold Steady Soundtracking The Minnesota Twins

No Hold Steady aficionado need be reminded the band’s got love for Minnesota — an inescapable fact on nearly every song the band’s ever put to tape. And having seen ‘em live even once, you’ve heard Craig confess his lifelong allegiance with his beloved Twins. Probably with a beer in his hand. Even the band’s unofficial Boys And Girls release party became an official “Twins clinch the AL Central” booze fest. Now that the band’s equipped with a little press and success, that hometown pride for the Twins is being reciprocated. MTV reports on the MLB team’s idea to make THS part of the Metrodome’s opening-night seventh-inning stretch:

“[Twins musical director Kevin Dutcher] thought it would be cool for us to record ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game,’ ” Finn explained. “He was like, ‘I’m gonna be playing your record, so it’d be cool if you guys could do this.’ It was all unofficial, but we decided we should do it.

“I mean, the Hold Steady, we’re all sort of sports guys,” he continued. “We’re more likely to be drinking beer and eating wings and watching baseball rather than collecting some obscure 7-inch.”

So over the weekend, Finn and the rest of the Hold Steady ? guitarist Tad Kubler, pianist Franz Nicolay (a big Red Sox fan), bassist Galen Polivka (a Brewers man) and drummer Bobby Drake ? got together in a Long Island City studio to record a decidedly Twins-centric version of “Ball Game,” complete with shout-outs to the Twin Cities (“Hey Minneapolis/ Hey St. Paul/ We don’t even care if we don’t get the call!” Finn sneers) and a guitar solo straight out of Aerosmith’s “Cryin’.”

The band sent the track to Dutcher on Sunday, and he told MTV News that he definitely plans on playing it ? and “Massive Nights,” from Boys and Girls in America ? Monday night (April 2) during the Twins’ home opener against the Baltimore Orioles. Which, of course, would be another totally mind-blowing event for Finn.

Nothing mind blowing about what the Hold Steady did with “Take Me Out To The Twins Game”; they turned it into a slowed-down Hold Steady song. Watch Craig lay down his track between swigs of Bud here.