Tori Amos Is Five M.I.L.F.s, Don’t You Forget

Maybe you’ve heard that Tori didn’t write the songs for her forthcoming album American Doll Posse all by her lonesome. To tackle the record’s disparate themes and viewpoints, she went Garth Brooks on us. MTV explains:

But in order to make her political statement, Amos called on “Isabel,” one of the four archetypes she developed for the disc. Each of these archetypes symbolizes a particular side of her musical personality, and each is based on one of the female constituents of the Greek pantheon. Isabel, Amos explained, is a photographer and a reflection of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Clyde, who was inspired by Persephone, the goddess of the underworld, embodies the singer’s emotional and idealistic side. There’s also Pip, the confrontational “warrior woman” based on Athena, and Santa, the sensual side of the artist, who was inspired by Aphrodite.

In fact when she tours, these “women” — each of whom “has a specific look and fashion sense” — will take the stage, too! Not at the same time, though. Here’s what the girls look like…

We know what you’re thinking, and yes, they do have blogs. Grab the M.I.L.F. proclaiming “Big Wheel” — and the Clyde-penned “Bouncing Off Clouds” — at Fabulist.

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