New Radiohead Video – “A Wee Treap Doon Memori Lane”

When we checked in with Thom last week, he was expressing some sunshiney happiness with a poem of polysyllabic descriptors. But it’s a different show at Dead Air Space now that he’s getting those incorrigible Vapour Brothers involved. Yes the same crew that strung together those 30-second animated “blips” during the Kid A rollout is now stringing together bizarre home videos of the band in the studio, around a campfire, behind a turntable, recording, costuming, flashing some non sequitur signage — all set to music, some but not all of which belongs to Radiohead. Thom linked the vid on Dead Air Space and gave it explanation:

This is what happens when you spend too long listening to the same thing over and over again until you just cant tell anymore and you have to do something else instead

Watch it here if you’re in the mood to be confused. (via P4K)