A Murderer’s Music Is On My iPod

Sharing songs is one of the better ways to creep inside a person’s head; it used to be the mixtape, then the MP3 playlist, and thanks to technology, now it’s just a click for rapid transfer of your entire iPod’s contents. But what if, say, the person that loads up your PMP later commits a nasty little murder/suicide. What we want to know is, do you delete the songs? Those can be expensive, after all.

The Stranger has one of the more fucked up stories we’ve heard in awhile. Writer Jack Wilson recalls his girlfriend’s roommate Jonathan Rowan, a charming, charismatic guy, who had his share of issues (substance problems, a warrant for his arrest in the UK). Rowan also couldn’t get over his ex-girlfriend. Well as the story goes, one day Jonathan did Jack the solid of filling up his iPod with a boatload of songs. A little while later, Rowan disappeared, tracked down his ex-girlfriend, killed her, and took his own life. Wilson writes:

I have a murderer’s music on my iPod and, almost reflexively, I couldn’t help but think of him while listening to these songs?they were his songs, songs he gave me. Had he blasted Oasis before going drinking? Jumped up and down to Manic Street Preachers B-sides? Sung along with Bowie in the car?

Rowan was destructive and vile, but somehow listening to his music made me empathize with him, made me think about how trapped he must have felt, knowing that even getting stopped for jaywalking could send him to prison for years.

Would you empathize? Sympathize? Keep the songs? Maybe the answer to the latter is “that depends.” Some of the departed’s psycho Britpop after the jump.

  • Barry White – Greatest Hits
  • Nine efforts from U2
  • 14 Oasis albums (including all their studio releases, a couple of B-side comps, and different live performances)
  • Six Manic Street Preachers records
  • Four Verve albums
  • All three of Richard Ashcroft’s solo releases
  • Both Kasabian records
  • A collection of early Bowie singles

  • Before you answer, know that Jack still has the songs. Hit The Stranger for the story.