Win Butler Mulls Retirement

Arcade Fire are on the cover of this month’s Spin Magazine. The short excerpt online is about a semi-friendly game of table tennis between Steve Malkmus and Win Butler. But the full piece in the print magazine — which looks worth getting, both for the Arcade Fire feature and the revealing profile on Kid Cudi — contains an interesting confession from Win Butler:

I can’t see myself doing this 10 years from now. We’ve been a band now as long as the Beatles, and pop music is a young man’s game.

Butler is already about the same age John Lennon was when the Beatles broke up. Every musician eventually gives a quote like this one. Michael Stipe famously said R.E.M. would break up New Year’s Eve 1999. But, oddly, Butler seems to be talking about quitting music all together, which seems like a stupid decision. Also, The Beatles broke up mostly because they stopped getting along. If Arcade Fire stop getting along they have bigger problems/divorces/broken families to deal with.

(via HRO and P4K)

[Photo by Elena Morelli]