Right Said Fred For Mayor

Right Said Fred For Mayor

Richard Fairbrass is too sexy for traffic. Sorry, had to be said, Fred. Via This Is London:

The lead singer of novelty pop band Right Said Fred has revealed he is to stand for London Mayor – because he is fed up of paying the congestion charge.

Richard Fairbrass has promised to run against Ken Livingstone and has already made official inquires about launching his campaign.

The singer, who shot to fame in 1991 with the hit I’m Too Sexy, will stand as an independent candidate and told The Sun: “Ken Livingstone has lost the plot. London has turned into a rich man’s playground.

“The congestion charge needs a massive overhaul – real Londoners should get a massive discount.”

But you’re most concerned about the impact this will have on Said Fred, right? Don’t fret; they have an album out this month! This synchronicity is getting Fairbrass accolades as an innovative campaigner (not true). London, your mayoral candidate is on the left.

While we’re talking UK politics, don’t forget to vote for Blur drummer David Rowntree (Labour) in the Marylebone High Street By-Election.