Maximum Balloon – “Groove Me” (Feat. Theopilus London) Video

Dave Sitek’s Maximum Balloon most recently presented its Karen O track “Communion.” Now it’s a return to the moderately funky party track “Groove Me,” in collaboration with Theophilus London. Sitek’s wearing Theophilus-branded clothes, driving Theophilus-branded cars (“branded” in that they are full motion versions of London singing the song superimposed upon Dave’s belongings), tracking down a shindig that winds up being inside the sewer system and full of green-screen sunglasses and cocktails where everyone’s dancing to “Groove Me.” It is mostly pretty awkward, but it also recalls some of those silly ’80s videos from early MTV times that traded in fantastical/party vibes, which is true to where the song’s rooted, too.

Maximum Balloon is out 9/21, a good portion of which is already streaming on this site.