Madonna Tries To Ruin Ween Concert

Madonna is currently directing a film called W.E., which has some scenes in Central Park. Unfortunately, some of the filming took place September 17, the same day as a Ween concert, and the director found their soundcheck distracting. According to Hidden Track via Gene Ween’s Facebook (where these photos were posted), Madonna herself ran up to the stage and demanded to speak to the band. They didn’t come out:

The pop icon bought a few minutes during her conversation with [Ween’s manager] as soundcheck was delayed until approximately 5:30, but we’re glad to see that even Madonna can’t keep Ween from taking care of business. Sadly, it seems Madge and her unhip team didn’t even know who Ween was. Ween went on close to 7:30PM and played one fantastic, extremely long set followed by a three-song encore.

So it all ended well. Unless you hate Ween, because it still ended with a Ween show.

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