Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin On The Death Of Boris Yeltsin

Well you knew this was gonna get a little messy, eventually. Missouri indie rockers Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin speak to Radar about the suddenly uncomfortable prospect of being named after the recently deceased Russian leader. Said singer Philip Dickey:

I feel really awkward. This is the busiest my phone and e-mail have ever been in my life … We had this national release in October. I don’t blame people if they suspect that this is just us wanting attention.

That said, don’t expect SSLYBY to drop the BY anytime soon.

We have a lot of younger people at our shows these days who don’t even know who Yeltsin is … but we’re kind of locked in at this point. If we tried to change it we might come up with something worse.

We like the name, though the guys should play around and see what they come up with! Just stay away from Someone Still Loves You Don Imus.