Katrina Kerns, Voluntary Virgin

Have you seen New York Magazine’s new Sex & Love issue? The cover girl is award-winning Indie Rock Hottie Katrina Kerns, of Illinoisemakers fame. In the mag’s Waiting Room feature, “real live New York City virgins speak out on what it means to say ‘no’ in the city of Yes.” So shame on you who said she was banging Sufjan! Here’s what the Ford model turned glockenspiel player had to say…

Katrina, 25
My initial reason for not wanting to have sex was totally a fear of not wanting to get pregnant before I got married. This was a cycle in my family. So, it was very real to me: You have sex, you get pregnant, and if you’re not married, you can wind up alone or feeling obligated to marry somebody. But it’s been interesting how it’s changed as I’ve gone through different relationships, learning about myself and learning about commitment.

After the jump, a close-up of the magazine cover, and a vid of KK’s modeling past.

Sorry guys, that’s her fiancé, Keegan Kiedis (same initials, how cute).

Keegan, 25
It hasn’t been about waiting to have sex just to wait to have sex. It’s been a journey, a trust thing, about commitment. I value that type of intimacy and trust in my life more than I value my ability to have sex with anybody whom I can figure out how to have sex with.

Wonder if Kat got to keep the tour uniform?

Katrina’s Pre-Sufjan “Model Search America” vid here.

And in the interest of equal-opportunity indie rocker objectification … erotica starring Sufjan Stevens.