Coachella: Saturday Night At The Sahara Tent

Coachella: Saturday Night At The Sahara Tent

After !!!, we had no choice but to seek out the dance. And, inadvertently, we stumbled into the craziest “scene” we’ve seen all weekend. The lineup at the Sahara Tent Saturday night featured French electro duo Justice, LCD Soundsystem, and the Rapture, each taking turns turning-out the tent and putting bodies in motion. And the Scenester’s Guide To Coachella must have had this particular string of sets flagged; turn to the left and see Kelly Osbourne, on your right was Steve Aoki, look side-stage and catch a mostly miserable (save the moment we snapped her) Lily Allen.

We bumped into party-starter Spank Rock milling about, too, and talked awhile about the recent rash of effusive praise for YoYoYoYoYoYo from the likes of Björk to Yorke. Said Naeem:

You forgot Drew Barrymore. [Laughs] No, I am just so honored. Really, I can’t believe it.

We didn’t get to talk about his hilarious track “Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge” — but who do you think was holding court a few feet away?

Within minutes, at the coaxing of friends, Naeem was engaged in his first encounter with Lindsay. Awkward much? Actually, not really; she hadn’t even heard it yet! Said Spank: “I told her, your man Steve (Aoki) has it.” That should be a fun listening session. Gotta love Coachella.

ANYWAY, Justice’s set was nothing but a party, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay sitting behind the ? symbol that is the title of their first US release (out this summer), smoking butts, sending the kids into fist-pumping frenzy. LCD Soundsystem followed, and much like their set at Bowery in March, the James Murphy worship was rampant. Opening with “Us And Them” and sliding into the rapturously received “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House,” there wasn’t a still set of legs in this corner of the fest. Highlights included … well, the whole set really — but the remix-friendly “All My Friends,” “North American Scum,” “Trials And Tribulations,” and an extended “Yeah” were particularly tent searing. We stuck it out for a few minutes of the Rapture, opening with “Gotta Get Myself Into It,” before ducking out to check in with Japanese genius Cornelius. The tent did us good last night, and for that we thank the Sahara.