April Of The Penguin

In New York, we get used seeing celebrities at concerts. For a while there, it was hard to hit a rock show in NYC and not run into David Cross, Paul Rudd, or the cast of Law & Order: SVU. Nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of poseurs out there, but a lot of these guys are real fans. And who says being famous and liking cool music are mutually exclusive? As long as celebrities are using their personal connections and PR clout to support bands and enjoy music — as opposed to, say, climbing onstage with J&M Chain — we’re cool with it.

But the thing about celebrity sightings is that they usually conform to type. Matthew McConaughey, hirsute and hippie-dancing at SXSW, for example, or Ron Jeremy rubbing elbows with Peaches (not sure if we’d want to rub anything against Peaches at this point, but hey, he’s Ron Jeremy).

What, then, do we make of the curious case of Danny DeVito?

The diminutive comedic icon has been a fixture at Coachella for the last few of years (at least three to our knowledge), as ubiquitous as reunion-show hype and bone-melting heat. Louie DePalma as the mayor of Indio? What gives? On one hand, he is friends with both Mike Patton and Billy Ocean so you know he knows his stuff. On the other hand, he was born in 1944, making him technically old enough to have grandfathered an Arctic Monkey.

In this semi-coherent interview, DeVito explains his love for the festival (something about Perry Farrell, great people, and the Mojave Tent). His picks for this year included: Satellite Party, Of Montreal, Cornelius, Peeping Tom, and Björk. So, everyone, basically. Anybody have a DeVito sighting to report? We heard he was hanging out backstage with Winehouse (getting wasted on Limoncello and talking shit about the president, no doubt). And we also wanna know: what does Rhea Perlman think about all of this?