The Smashing Pumpkins Get A Mall-Punk Makeover

What better way to welcome back Billy and Jimmy than with a stick of eyeliner. MySpace Records is organizing a Smashing Pumpkins tribute album for which participating bands will premiere their respective contributions via their MySpace pages on May 14th, followed by a CD packaged for free with the July issue of guess-which-magazine (Hint: SPIN). Just yesterday, The Academy Is…, Deftones, Hawthorne Heights, and 30 Seconds To Mars were added ot the project, making the lineup something like this:

Panic! at the Disco – “Tonight, Tonight”
(+44) – “I Am One”
The Academy Is … – “Mayonaise”
Deftones – “Siva”
30 Seconds to Mars – (track TBD)
The Bravery: “Rocket”
Young Love – “1979”
The New Amsterdams – “Thirty-Three”
Test Your Reflex – “Ava Adore”
Ben Kweller – “Today”
Hawthorne Heights – “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”
Gliss – “Rhinoceros”

Still no word on a “proper” release, though what they’ve got planned is plenty. Which song would you like to hear 30STM cover (aside from “none”)? They’re still looking for an album title, too. Got ideas? We vote: The Infinite Sadness: A Terrible Emo Tribute To The Smashing Pumpkins.