The Week In Ad Rock: White Stripes, Black Keys, & D.O.A. Cover Cold War Kids

The White Stripes’s “Hello Operator” showed up in a new Converse commercial featuring Dr. J and Jim Jones, among many others. Converse is one of those brands that artists can be associated with, without losing credibility, though in general it doesn’t come up as much as it used to. Fun commercial, too:

The same goes for Doc Marten, who are continuing their 50th Anniversary Celebration series of covers with an unusual combo this time. So far it’s been newish acts, like D?M-FunK, covering classic and new-classic tracks, like “I Wanna Be Adored.” This time Dr. Marten had the MC5’s Michael Davis and D.O.A. cover… Cold War Kids’s “Something Is Not Right With Me.” The video was directed by Klaus Thymann. “Something Is Not Right” is right:

Subaru has a little less built-in cool, but I enjoy their “Our cars are whatever, but they last forever and you won’t die in them” advertising campaign. They soundtracked their commercial with the Black Keys’s “Tighten Up.”

Also on the Converse tip, Bernard Summer, Hot Chip & Hot City have teamed up for a new track that’ll be out this Wednesday. Here’s Bernie talking about it…