Bryan Ferry – Dylanesque

Back in 1973, with his take on “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,” Bryan Ferry thought a whole album of Dylan covers would be “great.” It wasn’t ’til last year that he made it happen, by which time the world’s heard a couple Dylan covers too many. But, this is the man of Roxy Music, on a project getting a little “sonic enhancement” from Brian Eno … so we’re all ears. Below, a listen of two Ferry reinterpretations: “Positively 4th Street” is a flatter, heart-worn piano ballad in Bryan’s hands; but “Tom Thumb’s Blues” is a little more reverent (i.e. still got that harmonica, despite the enhanced backing band pickup).

“Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” (ASX)
“Positively 4th Street” (Real | ASX)

Nothing crazy, but not bad. The record’s got 11 tracks to play with, though Bryan’s touring with over 20 Dylan tunes in his quiver. For the record, he’s never met Dylan. If Bob spoke in lyrics, what would he say to Bryan about all these other folks’ Dylan covers?

Maybe, “None of them along the line know what any of it is worth.”

Dylanesque is out 6/26 on Virgin.