New Arbouretum – “False Spring”

The last time we posted about longstanding David Heumann-fronted Baltimore psychedelic roots-rockers Arbouretum was when they teamed up with Pontiak for Kale, a split 12″ EP that included originals and John Cale covers a la Arbouretum’s take on “Buffalo Ballet.” This time the guys are by their lonesome and about to release their third full-length Song Of The Pearl. Fittingly, we have the shaggy opener “False Spring.” Fitting because it opens the collection and fitting because it started feeling warmer in Brooklyn a couple days ago, but was a-snowing a bit this morning.The six-minute track’s a sweet stoner anthem with absolutely raging, ragged guitar solos and echoing, distant vocal harmonies.

Arbouretum – “False Spring” (MP3)

The collection closes with a burnt acid-folk cover of Dylan’s “Tomorrow Is A Long Time.” It’s use of fuzzed bass is spare, gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous covers:

Song Of The Pearl is out 3/10 via Thrill Jockey.

[Band photo by Natasha Tylea]

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