Deerhunter On Dresses

Great interview with Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox over at P4K today. The band’s breakthrough Cryptograms felt uneven to us … until we saw ‘em at SXSW, at which point Bradford’s amp-perched shrieking-gargoyle routine had us floored. (Best set of the fest, next to lovebirds Bill Callahan + Joanna Newsom.) Could also have been the set length, forcing Deerhunter to edit out some of the Cryptograms slack. And that makes more sense after reading about Cox’s album-oriented songwriting approach, which means: what he writes for the album, makes the album. (“…it’s like you’re separating the puppies. You feel bad.”)

As for attire, we had Brad in a self-aware Bad To The Bone tee in Austin, though sadly we didn’t get the oft-mentioned dress. He explained:

I always wanted to do stuff like this … I used to wear dresses when I was a little kid. My mom used to always dress me up in dresses, let me play house and stuff. She was never very selective in gender roles; if I wanted a Barbie doll, I could have a Barbie doll, and a G.I. Joe. And I just think it’s funny, also. I went to go see my sister, and she’s been Googling us and stuff, and seeing all these images and shit. And she’s like, “what’s with the dress, dude?” And I’m like, “I don’t know, what was with the dress when you guys were dressing me up in dresses when I was a little kid?” My sister’s friends would sleep over and they would doll me up and put makeup on me and shit. I’m not doing it in any way to be shocking. I just think it’s kind of cute. I just like it. I don’t like the idea of going around stage in just jeans and a t-shirt. It seems anticlimactic.

Also, P4K asks if there are “any elements of your onstage personality that comes through when you’re off stage?” To which Bradley replies, “Well, I can say things and go places onstage that, if I went there off stage, people might be a little freaked out. Especially in terms of sexuality.”

Really what he’s saying is, “If you wanna ask me about how I got a blowjob onstage at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn last month, just come out and do it.”

[Pic via Impose]

Like Cox said, just wearing jeans and a t-shirt on stage seems “anticlimactic.” Obviously, he has less difficulty getting climactic onstage while in a dress.

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