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Premature Evaluation: Justice – ?

It’s time for some dance-floor Justice. With the deification of Dan Deacon, Feist?s Busby Berkeley in her video for ?1234? (judging from the crowd?s awkward rug-cutting at Deacon?s recent Mercury Show, maybe she should hold some free classes down at the Y?), and strong recent showings from LCD Soundsystem and Spank Rock, the summer looks like it could be a big ol? indie dance party. (!!!, you won?t have to do the funky chicken alone!) The trick in these waters, though, is seeing how far the music drifts from the clubs: With dance and hip-hop, the rock kids are often amped on a single or two, don?t bother spinning the entire narrative. But, hey, don?t you know what the Knife can do?

Seemingly everyone digs Justice’s chirpy bananas? split single “D.A.N.C.E.” — American Apparel video spin-off ad soon? — but how about ?, the duo’s forthcoming full-length? Do the Goblin-sampling Frenchmen have the extended chops to go with their extended t-shirt collections?

Beyond the ubiquitous “D.A.N.C.E.,” the twelve-track collection includes other familiar bits: We already dug the dirty midnight-vulture fuzz/church organ of “Waters Of Nazareth,” have rollicked many a demo-ized “Let There Be Light,” and stomped awkwardly to the bass-slappy, ruptured-tweeter funk of “Phantom Part 1.” New to our eager ears is the screechy skittering “Stress,” the dramatic phased-noir of drumroll blippin’ opener “Genesis,” “DVNO”‘s gold (and Sound Of Silver) -spraying disco-clatter falsetto, the soulful distortion-axed “One Minute to Midnight” (a good one for Guitar Hero beginners), etc. Admittedly it took us a while to figure out how to type the little cross (?,?,?,?), but we still give a hearty head bob and majestic full split to the collection. The aforementioned oldies are fleshed out via these newbies and, most of all, it?s solidified our new slogan: ?I just came here to bounce.?

Justice – “Phantom Pt. I” (MP3)

? is out 07/10 via Ed Banger/Vice.

[Pics from Justice’s set at Coachella ’07]

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