Irish Blood, English Ringtone

More proof that great singles often make horrible ringtones. Listen, Laugh.

One of these days I’m gonna post an extensive review of all the ringtones I’ve bought for my Ericsson T610. I think it’s fun that you can’t preview the ringtone before you pay 99 cents. It’s like gambling! (Man, I need to get a life.) Anyway, here’s my best and worst picks to date:

No question: Tom Tom Club’s “Genius Of Love.” It’s like Chris and Tina wrote that hook anticipating how it would sound as a polyphonic ringtone in twenty years.

Weezer “Undone (The Sweater Song).” This was the first one I ever bought. I’ve since learned guitar songs always sound shitty as ringtones. Plus, Rivers is replaced by a … saxophone?

Anyone got any ringtone recommendations? “Toxic” is starting to get on my nerves.